Light it Up Australian Shepherds

  Dogs light up my life, they make it so much more efficient

"Brazz" Light it Up Bang a Boomerang

Brazz is also a Jingles x Mike son. He was the first born and turned out into a beautiful blue boy. He is owned & loved by Stephanie & Corina. He is very versatile and active in obedience, flyball & agility. He adores his "girls", gets along with all dogs & other type of animals. He is slightly reserved towards strangers, nevertheless he has done well in the showring as well! He is, like Medley & Rythm, also CLEAR from MDRI, HSF4, PRA & CEA. His Elbows are 0 (free) and Hips A, Norbergwaarde 40 (Excellent)

8 weeks








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