Light it Up Australian Shepherds

  Dogs light up my life, they make it so much more efficient

My dogs, mijn honden


 Coralis' Sunshine sent from Heaven


AKC DN 20280801

     NHSB 2709539 Import USA




Female. Color: Blue merle with white and tan. (spayed)

F:   Ch. Bayshore Promised Land (Canaan)

M:  Coralis' Just a Kiss (Roxy)

D.O.B.:  December 27th, 2007

OFA Hips/ HD:  Excellent ~ A  Norbergwaarde: 33

OFA Elbows/ ED:  Normal ~ 0

Bite:  Full/ Scissors, Volledig Scharend

Tail:  Full/ Docked, Lang/ Gecoupeerd

MDRI:  +/-  Normal/Mutant (Carrier/ Drager)

HSF4:  Clear/ Vrij

CEA/ CH: Clear/ Vrij

Prcd/ PRA: Normal/ Clear Vrij

Hight: 48,5 cm

Eyes: Blue, Cleared June 2012 by Drs. A. Heijn .



 Light it Up Super Trouper


NHSB 2784391


Light it Up Gimme, Gimme, Gimme

(a Man after Midnight)


NHSB 2784395



"Rythm" Male. Color: Black Tri.

"Medley" Female. Color: Blue Merle with white & tan


F:   Ch. Bayoulands Stars and Stripes (Mike)

M:  Coralis' Sunshine sent from Heaven (Jingles)

D.O.B.:  March 2nd, 2010

OFA Hips/ HD Rythm: Excellent ~ A   Norbergwaarde: 40

OFA Elbows/ ED Rythm: Normal ~ 0

OFA Hips/ HD Medley:  Excellent ~ A  Norbergwaarde: 40

OFA Elbows/ ED Medley: Normal ~ 0 

Bite:  Full Scissor, Volledig Scharend

Tail:  Full, Lang

MDRI:  +/+ Clear/ Vrij (N/N)

HSF4:  Clear trough parentage / Vrij door ouders

CEA/ CH: Clear through parentage

Prcd/ PRA: Clear through parentage

Hight "Rythm" 

Hight "Medley" 50,5 cm

Eyes "Rythm": Brown, Cleared

June 2012, January 2014 

Eyes "Medley": Brown with blue spots in left eye


June 2012 by Drs A. Heijn

January 2014 Drs v/d Sandt 


             Ragtime Light up the Stage!




                             AKC DN 28695606

                     ASCA E172429

  NHSB  2827929 Import USA



Female. Color: Red Tri.

F:   Ch. Hearthside Nothin To Lose CGC (Bodie)

M:  Ch. Adobes Top Shelf (Shelly)

D.O.B.:  May 25th, 2010

OFA Hips/ HD: jan'14 Excellent ~ A Norbergwaarde 40 nov'12 GOOD= A2 

OFA Elbows/ ED:  Normal ~ 0

Bite:  Full, Scissor/ Volledig, Scharend

Tail:  Full, Lang

MDRI: +/+ Clear/ Vrij (N/N)

HSF4:  +/+ Clear/ Vrij (N/N)

CEA/ CH: Clear/ Vrij

Prcd/ PRA:  N/N Clear/ Vrij 

Hight: 55 cm

Eyes: Cleared

June 2012 by Drs. A. Heijn, January 2014 by Drs. v/d Sandt


BOB Puppy @ Winnershow 2010!

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Tri-Smith Lightin' Up the Track!


    AKC DN 34341604 

ASCA Tri-Smith's Lightin' Up the Track


NHSB 2914577   Import USA


Male. Color: Red Tri.

F:  Ch. Ragtimes Where It's At! (Sway)

M: Tri-Smith's Deck The Halls CD, RA (Holly)

D.O.B.:  July 19th, 2012

OFA Hips/ HD: Excellent ~ A 

Norbergwaarde: 38

OFA Elbows/ ED:  Normal ~ 0 

Bite:  Missing 1 x lower P4, Scissor/ Mist 1 x P4 onderkaak, Scharend

Tail:  Short, kort

MDRI: Clear/ Vrij (N/N)

HSF4:  Clear/ Vrij

CEA/ CH: Clear/ Vrij 

Prcd/ PRA: Clear/ Vrij

MH: Clear

A locus: at/at

D locus: D/D 

Hight: Growing

Eyes: Cleared

January 2014 by Dr. v/d Sandt 

BOB Baby and selected with last 8 BIS baby's

@ the Winnershow 2012


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