Light it Up Australian Shepherds

  Dogs light up my life, they make it so much more efficient

Puppies 1st week. Puppies 1e week.

More pictures in the album by "Photos". Thankx to Daisy for helping me to take these pics.

Meer foto's in het album bij "Photos". Daisy, dank je wel voor het helpen met het maken van de foto's.

Bang a "Boomerang" ~ 550 gr.



"Angel" Eyes ~ 543 gr.


Gimme, "Gimme", Gimme ~ 641 gr.


Super "Trouper" ~ 666 gr.



Take a "Chance" on me ~ 384 gr.



I have a "Dream" ~ 389 gr.


Dancing "Queen" ~ 502 gr.



Our last "Summer" ~ 552 gr.



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