Light it Up Australian Shepherds

  Dogs light up my life, they make it so much more efficient

"Relay" Tri-Smith Lightin' Up the Track!

When you are not looking, it just happens to you...this little sweetheart was decided on in just a matter of a couple of hours, so his pedigreename really does his name justice.

Relay comes out of an all boy litter, born during the Olympics Games of 2012 in London, UK. We are excited to have him and hope for a wonderfull future in confirmation among other venues.

Sofar he has a kind, easy character, shows a lot of working let's see where he will bring us, Thank You Smith Family! 

To see more of Relay's family look @

Tri-Smith Kennel  Brandon & Talena (mom Holly)

Ragtime Kennel   S. Jewel Fuls (dad Sway & 1/2 brother Beck, but also Bling's family)

Relay from birth until 2 months @ The Smith Family :-)

Thank You so much, Talena, for taking so many pictures of this redhead & his lovely brothers growing up. 

2 months & up....

What a way to start his showcareer: BOB baby & selected with the last 8 baby's at the Winnershow 2012! 

Look at Relay strutting his stuff in the mainring,  just 4 months old   

Relay @ 11 months old, photocredit Evelien Tewes

Daddy "Ragtimes Where It's At!" Sway x Mommy "Tri-Smith's Deck the Halls" Holly











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