Light it Up Australian Shepherds

  Dogs light up my life, they make it so much more efficient

"Rythm" Light it Up Super Trouper

Rythm is a Bayoulands Stars and Stripes "Mike" x Coralis' Sunshine sent from Heaven "Jingles" baby. This boy stole my heart the minute he was born. Okay, honestly I was pretty disapointed that there wasn't a black tri girl in this litter, but this guy made up for it. He is so special that it is too difficult to define. He has an open, very friendly and confident character. He is mellow, nevertheless a hard worker, he is smart, has a lot of humor and so loveable: Mr. Huggie Bear! As you might have noticed I AM IN LOVE with him.

Sometimes you have to seperate your understanding from your heart, which has been very difficult for me.

It's amazing how Rythm adapts in switching homes, I see Rythm at least 2 times a week and he joins us in the confirmation circuit regulary. He is 4ever my dog, but at the same time very much loved by Isabella and her family. Rythm is involved in obedience & flyball as well.

Rythm 8 wks



Rythm @ 4 months




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